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No matter where you live, it’s not truly home without a good bed. The average person spends up to one-third of their lifetime in bed. That’s a lot of time, and probably much more than you realised. For some, your bed may just be the last port of call at the end of the day. For others, your bed is more than that. It’s the place where you re-energise, recuperate, relax and revive. Whether you spend much time there or not, your bed is important.

The science of sleep has taught us that getting a good night’s rest is essential to our health and happiness. Sleep deprivation is a rocky road to many problems such as decreased performance, alertness, memory, cognitive impairment and stress. The precious hours we get to rest our head on the pillow are crucial to help our bodies thrive. Sleep repairs our cells, contributing to a healthy immune system. It balances our appetites by regulating our hormone levels. Sleep helps us to lead a full and energetic life. If you are being robbed of sleep due to a poor quality of bed then, this is something you should rectify immediately.

Your bed needs to be integrated seamlessly into your home, reflecting your taste and your needs. There are so many things that you could want from your bed. If comfort is at the forefront of your concerns then there many things to consider. You may simply want a bed spacious enough to stretch out or snuggle up. Or you may be looking for a bed that supports your back and neck so you can wake up feeling pain free and flexible. There are many different bed frames and mattresses to choose from. Collaborating space and comfort will provide you with a bed that will be difficult to say goodbye to in the morning.

You don’t have to compromise on style for comfort. The two can live harmoniously together in the form of your ideal bed. The style of your room can coordinate with the style of a number of different beds. If you want your furniture to match a theme then, there is always plenty of choice in regards to colour and style.

Whoever you are there is a perfect bed for you.

Choosing your ideal bed

When it comes to beds, you might not even know what you’re looking for. When you are overwhelmed by choice, it’s important to keep any specifications that you do have in mind. Here are a few examples that will hopefully take the stress out of bed shopping.

Are you a workaholic with a bad back? You work long, hard days and need a bed to catch your tired and sleepy body at the end of it all. Ideally you would like a double bed frame, perfect for those Sunday morning lay ins. You have some luxurious leather furniture in your room, and you would like to keep that as a recurring theme. No problem at all. A workaholic with a bad back undoubtedly needs the best memory foam mattress they can find, but still a cheap memory foam mattress that isn’t going to break the bank. With a memory foam mattress and a double leather bed frame, then any workaholic is well on their way to becoming a sleepaholic.

Are you a parent with limited space and a lot of kids? Your home is not just where you eat and sleep; it has also become a chaotic playground. With limited space, you may struggle to fit all of your little ones in and still have room for play. No problem at all. With bunk beds, double bunk beds and triple bunk beds you shouldn’t be hard pushed for space much longer. These beds are space efficient and comfortable for kids. They will love scrambling up the ladders at night whilst sharing with their siblings.

Are you a couple with a lust for luxury? You both take great pride in your home and wish to purchase a complete package. You want a bed built for indulgence whilst also providing the essential comfort you need to feel refreshed and revived. You would like to have an oak bed frame to match effortlessly with the style of your home. You want a king size bed, with a king size memory foam mattress to match. No problem at all. A couple with acquired taste need to be able to find all the perfect parts in order to create the perfect bed, unique to their needs.

Are you a student moving into your first flat? You’re about to leave the nest for the first time. It’s all a bit overwhelming. One thing you want for sure is a bed that feels just as good as home. If you’re feeling homesick then an uncomfortable bed certainly won’t help. You need something lightweight and easy to move from place to place as you move around. You would like added storage, so you have more space for your books and clothes. No problem at all. A single divan bed with storage will fit all of your needs. For that extra added comfort maybe a memory foam mattress topper. On a budget, but still as comfortable as home. Sleeping in has never been so tempting.

Where can I buy quality divan beds, bunk beds, mattresses and bed frames?

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